Friday, September 11, 2009

Exciting Announcement Number 1

There are some super exciting changes going on here at Emma's Closet! I am still going to be the place to go for those personalized burp clothes, pillowcase dresses and baby items. However, I am expanding with a few new products and exciting happenings! I want Emma's Closet to become the place you come to find those personalized gifts for infants and grown ups! I am working on a website-been in the works for a while but I hope when I get it up and running you will like what you see. Enough of that-2 exciting announcements for today...


I am so excited to be offering these new stylish tote bags. This is not your ordinary tote...
these bags are: 100% polypropylene...Wipe clean with a damp cloth...Hold over 40 lbs...Recyclable...Reusable! Oh and did I mention they are of course...embroidable!

I think I know a few people out there that have just a bit of an obsession with pink and green.

All of the designs come in three sizes:

-The Drug Store bag (middle front): great for a lunch bag, errand bag or gift bag. I also thought this would make a cute out of the house/diaper bag. If it gets dirty just wipe it off!
-The Grocery Bag (front left): great for trips to the grocery, car trips or teacher tote bag
-The Department Store Bag (front right): good for beach trips and shopping trips

Some designs come in the NEW Box Store Bag (middle back): this beauty would be great for a weekender or a trip to the park where you want to load everything (blanket included) into one bag!
I know there are some Bama fans out there that would love to sport this beauty!

I have already ordered the polka dot Drug Store Bag for Emma for Halloween. I am thinking embroidery with orange thread...spooky!

What about the blue and brown collection?

Here is the Box Store Bag over the shoulder...plenty of room

Want to see all of your choices of bags?

Stay tuned for the Summer patterns, I need to do some editing because some are not available.

Oh, did I forget to tell about the affordable prices
Drug Store Bag...$7.00 or $10 with embroidery
Grocery Store Bag...$9 or $12 with embroidery
Department Store Bag...$12 or $15 with embroidery
Box Store Bag...$16 or $20 with embroidery

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